Our Fair Use Policy (FUP) (Unlimited packages only)

Our satellite broadband service is an always-on, flat-rate internet access service, designed to deliver the best possible user experience and quality of service to every user, in an even-handed and equitable way.

In order to give all of our unlimited use users fair access to Broadband Everywhere network resources, we operate a Fair Use Policy. As is the case with all broadband services, users of our satellite broadband share the available system capacity that connects them to the internet and the Fair Use Policy ensures that this capacity is not used disproportionately or allocated unfairly.

How it works

During periods of peak use, when there is the greatest number of users of the system and high contention for capacity, our Fair Use Policy restricts the available connection speed of users identified as having made disproportionate use of network resources, in favour of other users.

We monitor each user’s total download and upload volume throughout each month to identify those with a disproportionate usage profile. At the start of each month, we reset the monitored volume to zero, so all users start the month with a ‘clean slate’ - an equal usage profile and equal access to the network.

Our Fair Use Policy restricts only the speed of access; it does not limit the time connected to the internet through Broadband Everywhere or reduce the overall download/upload volume of any user.

Click for In Depth Technical Details of the Fair Use Policy

The Broadband Everywhere Fair Use Policy system is a network tool – managed by Broadband Everywhere - to monitor and control Broadband Everywhere network resources with the intention of giving all end users fair access to Broadband Everywhere network resources. It uses specific algorithms to identify disproportionate use (= very high volume consumption) of network resources. Such disproportionate use is restricted by the Fair Use Policy, and higher priority is assigned to end users with lower volume consumption.

Notably, the Broadband Everywhere Fair Use Policy does NOT limit the total downstream and upstream volume per end user.

As with all broadband services, the available Broadband Everywhere network capacity, which connects end users to the internet, is a shared medium. Therefore, in order to maintain the best possible Quality of Service, it is necessary that a Fair Use Policy is maintained especially during peak usage hours. Peak usage hours in a broadband network are typically defined by a high congestion of network resources.

The Broadband Everywhere Fair Use Policy ensures that - during these peak hours - the service cannot be used disproportionately by only a few "heavy" end users:

  • Within the Fair Use Policy the maximum downstream data rate per end user is decreased from a maximum value down to a minimum value in accordance to the end user’s individual monthly downstream volume consumption (see tables hereafter). The maximum upstream data rate per end user follows a similar principle (but with an independent process). The maximum speed limitations for up- and downstream are set by Broadband Everywhere per single end user.
  • In case of non-peak time usage (i.e. typically during the night and morning hours) higher data rates may be provided per connected end user than stated in the following Fair use Policy tables (see "Congestion Factor (CF) (examples) and related speed" in the following tables where the CF < 1). However these data rates will not exceed the maximum data rate of the respective Service Package (i.e. maximum data rate in Step A of the respective Service Package).
  • In case of peak time usage (i.e. typically during late afternoon until late evening), connected end users may experience lower data rates than stated in the following Fair Use Policy tables (see "Congestion Factor (CF) (examples) and related speed" in the following tables where CF > 1). This is caused by network congestion during this period of the day.
  • The consumed volume (MB) per end user in up- and downstream will be re-set every 4 weeks, i.e. the maximum data rate given in Step A (see tables hereafter) is applicable after every (monthly) volume re-set.

The Congestion Factor (CF) is a measure for the load of the network service and varies heavily during the day. During the day the CF typically reaches values of about 2 – 4, sometimes – for a short period of time – even up to 6 or higher. During the night and early morning hours the CF typically reaches values of about 0.1 – 0.5. To a great extent the CF is driven by the network usage pattern of all registered end users. The CF also applies to the upstream data rate.

Can I Get It?

  • To check the direction of the Broadband Everywhere satellite click on the link below. All you need to do is put your postcode in the 'Your Location' box and click 'Go' and the direction will be shown.


  • To see the Broadband Everywhere coverage click on the link below.

    Broadband Everywhere Coverage


  • Always-on two-way satellite connectivity
  • Maximum download speed of up to 20 Mbit/s
  • Maximum upload speed of up to 2 Mbit/s
  • Static UK IP Address
  • Free internet security software
  • TCP enhancement and pre-fetching for faster page loading
  • Rain fade countermeasures
  • Ethernet 10/100 baseT modem connection
  • Compact 75cm dish
  • Combined LNB and transmitter