Motorhome Broadband

Stop relying on 3G when touring - get broadband everywhere!

Broadband Everywhere is an ideal system for use on your caravan or motorhome. All too often, 3G or even 2G signals are weak or non-existant on camp sites. The site WiFi may just reach your van - but then you'll be paying astronomical rates for its use, and sharing a connection with hundreds.

Of course the other advantage is that the system works across most of Europe - so you'll be able to keep in touch without running up huge roaming bills - add a VoIP option and keep in touch by phone too!

We have two systems available - one on the 23.5 Astra satellite, offering up to 10Mbps download speeds and a TV signal for your Sky or Freesat box at the same time, and the packages listed on the web site which can't provide simultaneous TV. With the changes happening with UK TV signals being restricted to the UK and northern France, more users are choosing broadband only and using services such as Roku connected to their TV, or simply using their laptops to stream TV content. As your IP address is a UK one, wherever you travel, you will always have access to services such as BBC iPlayer etc.

We have teamed up with RoadPro, a long established motor home specialist, who are able to supply and install (or just supply if you're happy to install yourself) either system. Please get in touch with our team for more information or contact RoadPro on 01327 312233.

Can I Get It?

  • To check the direction of the Broadband Everywhere satellite click on the link below. All you need to do is put your postcode in the 'Your Location' box and click 'Go' and the direction will be shown.

  • To see the Broadband Everywhere coverage click on the link below.

    Broadband Everywhere Coverage


  • Always-on two-way satellite connectivity
  • Maximum download speed of up to 20 Mbit/s
  • Maximum upload speed of up to 2 Mbit/s
  • Static UK IP Address
  • Free internet security software
  • TCP enhancement and pre-fetching for faster page loading
  • Rain fade countermeasures
  • Ethernet 10/100 baseT modem connection
  • Compact 75cm dish
  • Combined LNB and transmitter